Perimeter 81

Amit Baraket, Co-founder and CEO at Perimeter 81

Company: Perimeter 81
Description: Perimeter 81’s innovative technology enables businesses to secure their corporate networks more easily and efficiently.

When did you start working with Nextage?
We started working with Nextage about a year ago. Prior to that, we used an external service provider for finance, but as our business needs grew and we developed two different business units – B2B and B2C, we understood that we needed to enhance our finance capabilities. We chose Nextage because we wanted a firm that would easily scale with us, and be elastic enough to deal with various challenges and issues that would need to get done quickly, including spinning off our B2C unit and raising money for our B2B unit.

How did it go when you brought on Nextage?
We knew the onboarding process was going to be challenging, as we were an operational company with millions of dollars of revenue and tens of thousands of customers. But the Nextage team did their absolute best to make it successful – they went above and beyond. Then we had an M&A process four months after they helped us sell off the B2C business unit. It went smoothly – our Nextage CFO, Dvora Nuriel, has extensive experience and the know-how for making it successful and optimizing the outcome. The entire Nextage team was super supportive, as well. We were able to raise funds from a leading VC – another successful transaction where Nextage provided their expertise to basically make it possible.

Now we work with them on the day-to-day finances, and Nextage takes care of everything, including the U.S. company that we own, U.S. tax issues, and financial planning. We’re a very data-driven company, and Nextage gives us a different perspective on our KPIs that is very helpful. They’re very involved.

What’s your working relationship like with Nextage?
It’s excellent. They are very service-oriented, and the team is great. They take care of everything we need to get done.

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